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As a student of philosophy reading authors like Camus and Chuangtzu, I saw the power of an exploration of one's philosophical concerns through an artistic voice. I knew immediately that this would be my path. 

I first picked up a camera as a young boy in an effort to bridge the two countries of my upbringing:  Belgium and the US. Over the years, my camera has brought me to over 70 countries on five continents, and I have lived in the US, Europe, Africa, and Latin America. 
The short film closest to my heart is Mon Rêve Familier, which premiered at the Newport Beach and the Salento International Film Festivals. The Zeppelin Parable premiered at Mill Valley.  Early in my career, I co-created the music video for Pearl Jam’s “Gone”.  This year, after many years in the making, I will premiere my feature hybrid-documentary, Am I Don Quixote?, which was a part of IFP's Spotlight On Documentaries in 2013 and the Brooklyn Film Festival Pitch in 2014.  
Beyond the films themselves, the social and collaborative art of filmmaking allows me to continuously engage in divergent communities at a profound level. Among others, I have developed projects in the Amazon, Nepal, Korea, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Guatemala, and I recently received a Jerome Grant to develop a film in Nicaragua. 

In the US, I've taught film production courses for the State of Louisiana and I've guest lectured at Pratt, NYU Gallatin, and York College among others. I've curated film series at museums and served as a juror to festivals and granting committees like the Louisiana Endowment of the Humanities. I was dubbed the "Louisiana Filmmaker Of The Year" in 2008 when I was living in New Orleans for many years before moving to New York where I am now based and where I am a member of the Brooklyn Filmmakers' Collective.  

I am driven by a desire for a profound connectivity in the people and nature around me. I believe that, despite our common human effort to define them, the world and the human heart and mind are boundless and infinitely complex. My work hopes to evoke this great mystery, and, perhaps, to awaken in the hearts of an audience the very beauty of this unknowing.
Perhaps my work, which aims to transcend the limits of the literal, can tell you more of who I am.

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