Public Art Installation, January 2019
Large Scale Projection
Jackson Heights, Queens, NY
(65min Video on Loop)
Video of Installation documented from the 7-Train 82nd St. platform (70 mins)

Between Neighbors: Jackson Heights is a 70-foot public projection against a building beside the 82nd Street platform of the 7-line. The projection is a 65 minute black and white video on continuous loop. The video captures the subways of Jackson Heights, and the neighbors who ride them. 

In a neighborhood where its vastly varied citizens are in such close proximity, how do we interact with others? What is the delineation in space between the private and the public? By projecting our subway dynamics in large format on a building in the public space, the work intends to spark reflection, and ultimately engage neighbors and provoke a dialog between them. 

The projection played nightly from January 1st to Feb 15, 2019.

Artist: JWJ Ferguson
Commissioned by the QCA
Special Thanks to Pollos a la Brasa Mario